Lao New Year FUNdraisers

Lao New Year is a major highlight of the year for many Laotians across the world, and is observed and celebrated for almost the whole month of April.  It's filled with cultural activities, games, water splashing, and lots of authentically delicious Lao food.  Connecting with our supporters is very important to us so go out and do a tum makhoung fundraiser in one of the cities.  It's great to be part of the festivities and fun but mostly we love the chance to share and spread awareness of our cause and to meet our supporters who come out to show their love.  We are always looking for volunteers to help set up the fundraiser in your area or to assist in our booth.  This year we were just at Louisiana and in past years we have been to Texas, Virginia, and a few cities in California (San Diego, Fresno, Sacramento).  We can't wait to fundraise at a Lao New Year in your city!