Community Giving

Not only does Jai Lao build schools in rural villages of Laos, but we also support higher education for Lao-American students!  We have contributed grants to a couple of Lao community based organizations that provide scholarship to local students.  On October 2017, Jai Lao awarded $3,000 in total scholarship grants to six deserving students ($500 per recipient) from Fresno, California at the annual Laotian America Community of Fresno (LACF) and in August 2016, we awarded $1,500 to LACF.  In December of 2016, we also supported the Lao American Society's scholarship program with a $1,500 contribution to their students.  We believe in working together with other communities for the betterment and advancement of higher education for students of Lao refugee descent.  Jai Lao may be small grass but our hearts are big and generous to lend helping hands to others who have shared passion, dedication, compassion, love, and integrity as main ingredients in serving and helping the community as a whole.  


If you're a community leader and your organization offers scholarships to college students of Lao refugee descent, please contact us to see how Jai Lao can provide aid for your community's educational needs and dreams.