Jai Lao was founded on the aspiration to give back and help others, because we are in the position to do something to make a difference.  My deepest gratitude to dear friends and family whose generosity and love over the last nine years has helped Jai Lao grow into what it is today.  With your supportive contributions, we are making a bigger impact in the community for not just the children of Laos but our own children as well. 


2009 Revenue $24,072
Assets $15,872


dECEMBER, 2009
project relief: TYPHOON KETSANA

Seven months after the Founding of Jai Lao Foundation,several Board of Directors from Jai Lao volunteered to travel to Laos out of our own expenses to visit villages in need, particularly Ban Na Don Keo that was hit by Typhoon Ketsana. Jai Lao brought the village of 137 families basic household goods, ingredients, livestock, and clothes to replace a fraction of what they lost during the flood. Jai Lao also committed to coming back to help build a school for them. In November 2010, a year after Jai Lao's founding we returned to opened a school the village requested.


2010 Revenue $47,703
Assets $28,125


july, 2010
project school #1 & #2: salavan province

Two volunteers from the Jai Lao Foundation embarked on a trip to southern Laos to build a school in Laos. They came back with permits/approvals to build two schools in the Salavan province. Both schools have been fully paid for from the efforts of our "Night in Laos" Charity dinner in June 2010. The preschool and elementary school is each and everyone of your school that attended the event or made live donations the past year since our founding. Without generous supporting donors like you, all this dream would not be realized. As we continue to strive to build a better Lao together, may we always be reminded of these first two schools as the root of only the beginning of an everlasting charity towards our Lao brothers and sisters.


november 2010
Project School #1 & #2 complete: salavan province

Humanitarian Service Trip During Jai Lao's third humanitarian trip, we opened up two Jai Lao schools in Southern Laos!! It was with humble hearts and uplifted spirits because this happened only a year and a half after the founding of Jai Lao. We also found another site to build our third school. One of our sweetest moments was cooking food to feed orphaned children at the Blind Center where the sweet voices of the children sang and serenaded us. Another highlight was cooking another meal for a Khmu village in the remote area two hours north by boat of Luang Prabang town limit. To see the children's faces light up is so rewarding for us as they feasted upon simple Lao dishes like tummakhoung, fried noodles and bbq meat.


2011 Revenue $52,202
Assets $35,087

june 2011
Project School #3: Luangprabang, Laos. Banh Pou Nong Khouay village

Humanitarian Service Trip Jai Lao's fourth trip to Luangprabang, Laos. Banh Pou Nong Khouay village chief contacted Jai Lao's advisor in Laos to ask for help in building a school for his village. On this trip, Jai Lao went to negotiate the cost and conditions of the two room school to be built for the villagers. The negotiation with the village chief went well and they were all eager to help get the school started.


november 2011
Project School #3 complete: Luangprabang, Laos. Banh Pou Nong Khouay village

Humanitarian Service Trip Since Jai Lao's founding in April 2009, this is our fifth humanitarian trip to help villagers in rural areas of Laos. Each trip is unique and tailored to the projects or help needed by the different villages. On this particular trip, Jai Lao focused on two villages in Luang Prabang Province. Jai Lao went to open our third primary school in Banh Phou Nong Khouay in which 31 Hmong and Khmu children will be attending Kindergarten and First Grade.


2012 Revenue $29,502
Assets $30,857

july 2012



september 2012
Project School #4: Banh Hat Kham in Luang Prabang Province

Jai Lao's fourth school still in it's construction phase. Jai Lao believes that education is the foundation of opportunities for a better future. It is the window into the outside world as well as into the inside of our soul. Children in remote villages in Laos aren't afforded the same opportunities as children in developed parts of Laos. There simply isn't a school for children to have an environment to learn and grow in. Schools help to nurture and stimulate a child's mind and heart. Jai Lao strives to build schools for kids to give them hope and know that the world cares about their well being. We can't change the world, but if we can change but one child's perception of the world one village at at time, then we feel we have done some good in this world...


2013 Revenue $31,096
Assets $48,169

2014 Revenue $2,414
Assets $33,050

time out
soul searching

Jai Lao Founder Soutkita took a year long hiatus to seek clarity for the vision of Jai Lao Foundation.


2015 Revenue $54,072
Assets $35,036

november 2015
project humanitarian: Blind Center

Miss Laos 2015 Blind Center "Our eyes may be blind, but our hearts can see the light" sang the sweet children at home the Home of Light Blind School. Whose heart, no matter how hard it is, will not soften upon seeing their precious faces and hearing their angelic voices sing songs of strength, courage and love for the world. It only costs $6 per child to donate soaps, shampoo, lotion, deodorant, and clothes detergent, but the gifts that come from the heart out of care and concern is immeasurable. Feeding them fresh tum mak houng (papaya salad) and BBQ lunch isn't measured in kip currency either but in the wonderful satiated feelings of the hearts of these pure children. Having Miss Laos pageant contestants make tum mak houng, serve and clean up after them was a priceless gift that no photos are needed to be seen by the children to have that memory etched in their hearts forever. Indeed it was a very special day as 20 beautiful Miss Laos angels descended from the heavens and came down to wrap their caring arms around these sweet children.


2016 Revenue $86,103
Assets $65,716