Padek Mae Kesone


Mae Kesone left behind 8 buckets of homemade fermented fish known as Padek when she died in 2005.  With the raw Padek, she would brew it with many other ingredients to make a special sauce for papaya salad that was sold at her grocery store.  In 2009, her daughters started brewing the same Padek recipe to help raise money for Jai Lao.  We take great pride in letting the villagers know this beloved traditional Padek helps the needs of Lao children!  Isn't just so amazing how Mae's special sauce gives Lao salads that delicious flavor but it also gives kids so much joy and hope?  Mae Kesone would be very happy and proud to know that even though she's gone from us, she continues to give to the land and people that she loves very much. 

Jars and ingredients to make Padek Mae Kesone are kindly donated by Jai Lao Founder and Friends so 100% of your money directly helps the children.