#3: Pou Nong Kuay Village


Pou Nong Kuay in Luang Prabang is a picturesque village high in the mountains of northern Laos where the winters can get quite harsh.  This mountainous village is home to 54 Highland Lao families (16 Khmu and 38 Hmong) with a total population of 278 people including 70 children ages 1-7.  Initially, Jai Lao provided winter clothes, eyeglasses, and personal hygiene kits to the villagers. In addition, we provided the village children with sports equipment and school supplies.   Contract was signed in June 2011 and construction of this two room elementary school began immediately after and despite the heavy rain, the school was completed and handed over to the District of Education in November 2011 with a total cost of $10,000.