Jai Lao's mission is to work in partnership with communities to provide basic humanitarian and educational aid to vulnerable children in Laos.   


As a non-profit charity organization, all the contributions we receive goes directly into the hopes and dreams of Lao children. Since Jai Lao's founding in April of 2009, we have built 5 schools, 1 renovation and a library!  Through fundraisers and donation drives, we have also been able to provide thousands of children in villages with clean water, school supplies, dental/hygiene kits, clothes, and shoes to live more comfortable lives. We seek to help rural villages because they simply do not have access to vital necessities that we often take for granted in a developed world.  Imagine your children walking up to three hours to school, sometimes in the rain and mud?  Jai Lao aims to create a closer and safer place for children to receive an education and to inspire and encourage them to have hopes and dreams.  


Jai Lao has been blessed with so many wholehearted volunteers who have brought our mission to life. We all want to help better the world around us, and money is not the only way to make a difference. There are many small grass root organizations like ours out there changing the world of children and entire communities with very little resources. Paying it forward means giving attention and support to those in need, in any way we are able. From saying "Sabaidee" to sharing a post, communicating and making connections are the best ways to support a cause. Visit us on Facebook to see full albums of our past projects over the past nine years and become part of the growing Jai Lao community of giving!

100% donations goes to help the children's needs


Since the inception of Jai Lao, La, made a pledge that donations from the public at large will not be used for any purpose other than to help the children.  Funds  to cover administrative expenses of running an organization comes directly from private donors and fundraisers, and volunteers serving on the Board also contribute annually to ensure that this promise is carried out.  Jai Lao was founded on the aspiration to give back and help others, because we are in the position to do something to make a difference now.

Hear what Shirley from Washington has to say about our work.

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"Having followed Jai Lao and their exceptional work for close to 9 years, I can say this organization had made a tremendous impact in the lives of young children in Laos. I have to commend their ability to bring like-minded people together for a much needed cause and to do it in such a beautiful and delicious way while at the same time celebrating old tradition and forging new friendship."

-Pim Siripanyo, San Diego

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