#2: Na Don Keo Village

Na Don Keo in Salavanh Province is a lowland Lao village that was hit by Typhoon Ketsana in September 2009.  In November 2009, Jai Lao brought the 137 families of Na Don Keo and two neighboring villages basic household goods, foodstuff, livestock, and clothes to replace a fraction of what the villagers lost during the flooding caused by Typhoon Ketsana with a total budget of $10,000 which is about $73 per family.  Jai Lao started construction on a three-room elementary school in July 2010 and completed construction in November 2010 with total cost of $12,500. In July 2012 in response to a promise made to village elders during our prior visits, Jai Lao donated 137 Abundant Water clean water filtration system units total cost of $7,535, to Baan Na Don Keo to provide clean drinking water to the village without the need to boil or otherwise treat the village's water.

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