Special Needs Children



Even if children can't see they can feel everything that sadness, anger, hurt, joy, and fear just like everyone else.  In fact, they can see much more with their hearts and other senses.  Jai Lao visits children at the Blind Center near Vientiane quite often.  We have seen the beautiful and precious children grow up over the years and appreciate the their singing performances for us.  Even though they live near in the city area, they still lack the basic essentials to live a clean and healthy in their dorms.  Over the years, we have brought new mattresses, bedding, mosquito nets, hygiene kits, toiletries, and clothes for them.  Having the opportunity to feed and eat with them is unforgettable.  One of the most memorable visits for the children would probably be when the contestants from Miss Laos visited.  They expressed such excitement and happiness at getting to hold hands with the young ladies.  As human beings, we all crave connection with one another and to feel loved and cared for.  

Click  here  to view more photos of Miss Laos feeding the children at the Blind Center.

Click here to view more photos of Miss Laos feeding the children at the Blind Center.


No child, whether they can see or not, should ever have to live in an unclean environment that can affect their health.  Volunteers in Laos helped clean the children's dormitories and we provided new mattresses and bedding and hope they will sleep tighter and have sweeter dreams.  



The look in their faces with the most warm and loving smiles and grateful eyes is enough to melt anyone's heart.  Living in a world without sound didn't dampen the amazing spirits of these sweet children at the Deaf and Mute Center in Vientiane and Luang Prabang.  Being in the city, the Center receives visitors often but it's still never enough.  We provided them with the most basic of need as requested by the Director of the Center.  Imagine just asking for a wash bucket with toiletries and new dishes for the kids?  And what was it that our children wanted for Christmas this year?  Gardening tools and bikes are what we will be providing for them on our next visit!